International Standard Curriculum

Academic Programme:

This Curriculum seamlessly integrated experiences across four domains of developement, Physical, Cognitive, Language and communication and Socio-emotional.The child is able to

Develop a positive self image

Become independent

Develop creative thinking

Faster a sence of trust

Develop Physical, intellectual, emotional & social skills

state-of -the-art attributes in a think rooms

1)The Chrysalis Studio:

Your Child now owns the revolutionary chrysalis studio that replaces passive text books. Unlike a text books,the studio intreacts with the child and makes every child participate in the learning with intrest.The innovative practices used in studio completely transforms the way your child learns.

2)Continuing Professional Development(CPD):

Professional development of teachers is an on going programme at our school. The avent-grade CPD modules are designed to raise the teaching practices to be on par with globel standards.

3)The transformation Report:

The transformation report extensively shows us how our school has progressed and enables the management to raise the standrads every term.